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Five-pitch 3D noise-free technology disturbs resonance to achieve tire mute. Finely-divided tread pattern, corresponding to each division of the steel, ensures fantastic groundgrasping performance in wetlands and improves driving safety. Four linear grooves ensures superior draining performance. Tread cut-resistance element increase anti-iiregular wear performance.
Thread Depth  (mm) UTQG
13 inch'
155/65R13 73T/H 4.5B 6.6  420AA
155/70R13 75T 4.5B 7.5  420AA
155/80R13 79T 4.5B 7.5  420AA
165/65R13 77T 5.0B 7.5  420AA
165/70R13 79T 5.0B 7.5  420AA
165/80R13 83T 4.5B 7.5  420AA
175/70R13 82T 5.0B 7.5  420AA
185/70R13 86T 5.5B 7.5  420AA
14 inch'
155/55R14 69V 5.0J 7.5  420AA
165/55R14 72V 5.0J 7.5  420AA
165/60R14 75H 5.0J 7.5  420AA
165/65R14 79T 5.0J 7.5  420AA
165/70R14 81T 5.0J 7.5  420AA
175/65R14 82H 5.0J 7.5  420AA
175/70R14 84T 5.0J 7.5  420AA
185/60R14 82H 5.5J 7.5  420AA
185/65R14 86H 5.5J 7.5  420AA
185/70R14 88T 5.5J 7.5  420AA
195/60R14 86H 6.0J 7.5  420AA
195/70R14 91T 6.0J 7.5  420AA
205/60R14 88H 6.0J 7.9  420AA
205/70R14 98T 6.0J 7.9  420AA
15 inch'
165/50R15 73V 5.0J 7.5  420AA
165/55R15 75V 5.0J 7.5  420AA
175/65R15 84H 5.0J 7.5  420AA
185/45R15 75V 6.0J 7.5  420AA
185/55R15 82V 6.0J 7.7  420AA
185/60R15 84H 5.5J 7.5  420AA
185/65R15 88H 5.5J 7.5  420AA
195/50R15 82V 6.0J 7.9  420AA
195/55R15 85V 6.0J 7.7  420AA
195/60R15 88H/V 6.0J 7.5  420AA
195/65R15 91H/V 6.0J 7.9  420AA
205/60R15 91H 6.0J 7.9  420AA
205/65R15 94H 6.0J 7.9  420AA
205/70R15 96T 6.0J 7.7  420AA
215/60R15 94H 6.5J 7.9  420AA
215/65R15 96H 6.5J 7.9  420AA
215/65R15 100H 6.5J 7.9  420AA
215/70R15 98T 6.5J 7.7  420AA
16 inch'
165/40R16 70V 6.0J 7.5  420AA
165/45R16 70V 5.5J 7.5  420AA
195/45R16 84V 6.5J 7.9  420AA
195/55R16 87V 6.0J 7.9  420AA
205/45R16 87V 7.0J 7.9  420AA
205/50R16 87V/W 6.5J 7.9  420AA
205/55R16 91V 6.5J 7.9  420AA
205/55R16 94V/W 6.5J 7.9  420AA
205/60R16 92H 6.0J 7.9  420AA
205/65R16 95H 6.0J 7.9  420AA
215/55R16 93V 7.0J 7.9  420AA
215/55R16 97V/W 7.0J 7.9  420AA
215/60R16 99H 6.5J 7.9  420AA
225/55R16 99W 7.0J 7.9  420AA
225/60R16 98H 6.5J 7.9  420AA
17 inch'
215/65R17 98H 6.5J 7.9  420AA
235/60R17 102H 7.0J 7.9  420AA
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