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Tyre marker, such as the battlefield, opportunities are fleeting, and bad luck will come instantly. What is the tire business and what is the co-prosperity of the tire business, only the cruel competition of your life and death. How many tire companies are not thinking about how to put their competitors on the ground every day? Foreign capital is local, state-owned, private, Jiangsu+ Zhejiang+ Guangdong VS Shandong.

In 2018, Shandong Hengyu Rubber collapsed. Then the two major rubber giants Huasheng Rubber and Yongsheng Rubber will divide the Hengyu Group.
Huasheng Rubber acquired Hengyu Technology in Guangrao Development Zone;
Yongsheng Rubber acquired the old factory of Hengyu Rubber in Dawang Town. The reality is such cruelty. When companies are unable to maintain their own territory, competitors will be ready to use their opportunities to expand their sphere of influence.

Relative to the enterprise level, the competition at the dealer level is more intense. The boss is driving hundreds of thousands of cars outside; talking about millions of contracts; pointing to the market of hundreds of millions. Coming back is tens of millions of goods, earning hundreds of thousands of profits. A decision-making mistake can result in a loss.

Once a well-known tire brother in the Sichuan-Chongqing region, after the failure of his business, his competitors even once followed his people, he quickly divided his business map. When he wanted to make a comeback, no one contributed. Nanjing Sanmen Tire was once a well-known tire distribution company in China. The capital chain was broken, but none of the former partners were in the snow.

Facts have proved that reality is so cruel, it is the way the tire market should be.

Some tire factories, dealers and tire shops are always complaining, the competition is too fierce, and business can't go on. However, why the production capacity of Linglong and Zhongce has been expanding, sales have been growing, and Pulin Chengshan can successfully list Hong Kong stocks. AEOLUS can stage a counterattack in the Jedi, and Fengyuan can complete a five-year counterattack.

Fear of competition is destined to be unable to stand in this cruel tire market, and competition is the driving force driving the entire tire industry forward. Because of competition, tire manufacturers are afraid to slack off in innovation, so they have radial tires. Because of the competition, dealers did not dare to slack off sales, so there was Henan Yu Delong. Because of the competition, the tire shop did not dare to wait in the service, so there are TYREPLUS, D-GUARD, CHE ZHI YI.

Competition will not end, it will only intensify. Competition in the industry has already become a bayonet, and competition from the outside is even worse. A dog, a cat, and a tiger are subverting the traditional tire channel with a new business model. Dealers and tire stores have already felt the strong pressure from the Internet industry. Competitors are no longer just the opposite of the old king, but also from the old Liu of Jiangsu or the old horse of Hangzhou.


Competition is the norm in the tire market, and brutal competition is the future of the tire market. Rolling in this business battlefield where you live and die, not only must have the courage to shoot when you meet, but also have the ability to live on all sides. Don't complain that the competition is fierce, business is difficult to do, you can't, you can quit, there is no sympathy, only jokes.

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